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Accelerate Island Digital Transformation by reinforcing the collaboration between EU islands for greater visibility in the digital innovation ecosystem and explore synergies for solving unique island challenges through networking, shared projects, digital expertise and knowledge transfer to serve European island economies and similar regions

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We are relying on technology and digital solutions to improve the quality of life on the islands.

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Being receptive to partnerships and new ideas, inclusive rather than exclusive. Welcoming of diversity. Valuing of others, and seeks to discover the talents, partnerships, innovations and new technologies.

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Social engagement

We are dedicated to not exploit people or the environment in the pursuit of profit. Our social responsibility includes behaving and conducting business ethically and with sensitivity towards social, cultural, economic, and environmental issues.

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This is the cornerstone of our relationships with customers, partners, employees, and others who have dealings with our organization.

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We adapt quickly to disruptions, while still maintaining continuous business operations. We are geared to survive an economic slowdown and ride out uncertainty.

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Our projects aim to always treat the earth as if its resources are limited. Knowing the earth's resources are not unlimited and that humans must use and conserve resources in a manner that allows their continued use in the future.

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Summit of 2023

Summit of 2023 - partner meeting for brainstorming new opportunities

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Launch event of partners

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